Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Seasonally Adjusted

To everything (turn, turn, turn...) there is a season.... keeps going through my head.  Yes, the times, they are a-changin'...for many of the people that I know, and also for me. 
(And I was obviously exposed to too much music from the 1960's at some point in my life).
My friend Bella is moving out of her beautiful bush retreat.
I spent a final farewell weekend with her there, packing boxes and listening to birdsong and the breeze....
We remembered many good times spent here with very dear friends, and soaked up all we could of the place.  We will carry it with us.
We sipped champagne and looked out at the trees.... and then we packed more boxes. The season has passed and it's time to move on, so we do what we have to do and look forward to what is next.
 In the last few months, a few doors have closed here.  There will be more to come.

 Still, there are new doors sitting ajar.... new paths to explore...

For now, I am working at living in the present.... taking it all as it comes... letting life surprise me and accepting the direction that things take. 
I am soaking up my girl and making good memories. I am teaching workshops, teaching my fashion students and keeping You Sew Girl products going out to lovely stockists.  I am swimming and have started going to yoga classes again.
 Life is finding its own sort of balance around that framework.

There has been a slow return of the sewjo that disappeared earlier this year...
A "birthday present" shirt for a bestest buddy, that was promised over a year ago, was finally sewn. (There had been another birthday between ...and no shirt... it was getting embarrassing.) 
The pattern for this shirt is the Negroni by Collette patterns, and it's a winner.   This fabric is a charcoal coloured chambray, and the shirt has darkest green buttons (just for fun). The bestie approves.
I have been a bit in love with my new overlocker (serger), which hadn't seen much action since I bought it in June.  It has been humming away lately.  It's easier to thread and is generally a lot less trouble than my industrial overlocker, and it does a ROLLED HEM with the flick of a switch.... I get a bit excited about that.

A book idea is swimming around and I am thinking of pattern-writing again too.  Ideas are beginning to come back. I am not pushing it... just waiting for the mojo to be back in full swing, as it will be.
...And a time to every purpose... (Oh, there's that song again...)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Promised Pattern-free Poncing

Throughout the year, I've made a few more pattern-free garments, and made mention of them here with the promise of photos.  Today's photos serve as an example of why (until now) I have not been inspired to ponce about in front of a camera in them. 
I no longer have a big open studio with white walls, floor-to-ceiling windows and loads of foam-core board lying about the place.... I can never get enough space and light.  It's all murkiness, distortion and movement... but I hope you get the picture.
This (oops, I should have arranged those drapes... perhaps pressed out the creases..?) toga-esque number was a toile (muslin) for an idea I had for a dress for my book launch.  It is made from something I found on a bargain table in GJ's (I may have paid $2 or $4 per metre for it).
I wore it to my book launch.
In order to get my legs in shot, I either have to shoot downward or upward... and then there's not enough light or it's out of focus.... so I move in closer.
Behold, a really bad angle on the neckline drapery....

There were better photos of the dress itself, but ...ahem... they showed that it is more see-through than I thought it was.  (I'm glad that when I've worn it out, it has been with a more appropriate slip!)
 Again... I hope you can squint, use your imagination and see that it looks ok in real life.

You may have seen this top before, so just focus on the skirt here... I draped it on the stand (dress form), rather than on my body, and originally put the tucked detail at the front. 
When I put it on my body, I realised that the stand was somewhat taller than I, and the shortening/widening effect did nothing for me.  I turned the skirt around and hey-presto... a modern asymmetrical bustle-ish effect. 

 With two more garments to photograph, the camera battery ran out and the spares were flat.  By the time they are charged, there will be little or no daylight left.

It occurred to me to write off  this afternoon's attempt at a photo shoot completely, but I'm not too sure when the next opportunity to ponce about will arise.  So here they are... sort of... the promised photos.

I'll be running Pattern-Free classes at Handmaker's Factory and CAE soon.  It's heaps of fun and you get to play with lots of new ideas. 

Oh, and please don't think that all the garments are made to suit pixie-size bodies - the idea is that you drape garments that fit and flatter your own body, and mine just happens to be too small to carry loose garments or too much fabric.  You can see lots of examples here of the fab things that suit other shapes.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Workshops and holidays

I'm on a two week break from my weekday teaching job and doing a bit of catching up with things.. like updating the Class/Workshop Schedule on the website. 

I've been teaching about the place.  We had a lovely day at Patch 'n Quilt in Gisborne, and we've scheduled a Zippers for Bags class there for 22nd November.  Contact Mary at Patch n Quilt for bookings.

There are still places on the Handmaker's Factory Masterclass next week.. This isn't one that I do very often, so if you're sort-of-thinking about this as something you might like to do, now is a very good time!

To take up the waiting list for this class, I've taken advantage of a rare free day to schedule a last-minute A-Line Skirt workshop at GJ's on the 27th September.  This will be a small group (being a late-scheduling and also being Grand Final day for the football season... which means that most of the waiting list can't make it that day!), so if you think you need lots of extra attention, this will be a good one to book in.

The other thing I've been doing lately, is taking a complete break from work for THREE  DAYS... I decided I needed a holiday, and I needed to get the garden ready for Spring and Summer... so I had a little gardening holiday at my house this last weekend.

I weeded, I dug, I shovelled and wheelbarrowed 2 cubic metres of freshly-delivered soil and compost.  I made new garden beds, cleared overgrown corners and revealed yet more vegetable-growing space... and I planted lots of potential harvests of fresh, organic food for the girleen and me (and for anyone who looks sideways at me during zucchini season). 

I am sore, scratched and bruised (and have a small patch of sunburn where I missed with the sunscreen), but feeling very pleased with my work.  I'm looking forward to the weather warming up more and all the planting, growing and harvesting that comes with it.

 I'll be back soon with more news of books and giveaways... stay tuned!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Taking Shape

 Despite masses of pumpkin vines all over the garden last summer, I only harvested 3 edible pumpkins.  This was my favourite.

Wedged beneath a fallen bough, it struggled on to maturity and formed a shape all of its own.  It was both delicious and a little bit poetic.   

As much as you can relate to a vegetable, I felt something for this one.  (A kindred spirit?)  I've been doing a fair bit of growing in unexpected ways lately, too.  Changing, being affected by change, working around things, working at things....
Some days I despair at being out of my comfort zone, off-kilter, tossed around on life's stormy seas (the pumpkin made me feel poetic, remember...?), and other days I delight in the new shapes and directions that I'm making and travelling, as I work my way through the tail-end of what has been a very transitional, transformational few years. I can see maturity at the end of it all... even if it's not quite the shape I imagined when I started.
And then I step into a fab new fabric store to teach a purse frame class, and everything is as it ought to be again.  Home.
I taught at Cotton Factory in Ballarat a few weeks ago.  What a lovely shop!!  They focus on classes and have an amazing schedule.  If you're within coo-ee of Ballarat, I'd recommend following them on every available social media stream, or simply popping in to see what's happening next.  I'll be teaching there again in November

These are the results of the purse frame class.
This weekend I'll be at Patch 'n Quilt in Gisborne, and there are classes coming up at Handmaker's Factory (Purse Frames, Customised Bags and Pattern-free Garments) and the CAE in Melbourne.  I'm looking forward to all of them.

I'm also working in my new job, and it's inspiring me in many ways.... including ideas for a new book, possible online classes or blog tutorials... although it's also keeping me so busy that there has been no time to flesh out any of those ideas.  Stay tuned.
In between, I've been doing a fair bit of this...
I hope that things are in good shape in your world.

Monday, June 16, 2014

When you're having fun...

I must be having an awful lot of fun lately, because the year is whizzing by.  Blink and another month has passed.  This time, I've barely taken a photo (so here's some I took while I was writing The Better Bag Maker... ahem... 18 months ago...).

I have had every intention of keeping my dear blog-readers up to date with upcoming classes and blog tour dates (and I'm yet to update the website with the class schedule for the next few months).  It seems that I get as far as Facebook and Twitter and somehow think that everyone has been informed.... .  Apparently, I have adapted a bit too well to the gnat's-attention-spanned world of social media.

So... The Blog tour for THE BETTER BAG MAKER....
We've had Pattern Review, Blogless Anna, Sew Mama Sew and Creative Bug so far. Check them out for some different views and reviews of my book.

The next blog to watch for the tour will be The Littlest Thistle (and of course, I'll pop notification up on Facebook and Twitter when the post is up and running).  It will give you another chance to win a copy of The Better Bag Maker (hard copy in the USA, digital elsewhere).

I also have to mention that Carmel wrote a lovely post about her pattern-testing for the most advanced bag in the book, the Toronto Convertible Backpack/Tote.  She isn't part of the official blog tour, but her beautiful work really ought to be seen by as many people as possible! While you're there, check out her modification of my Chunky Purse pattern.  She's a bit of a clever-clogs, that Carmel.

Fiona has also written a nice little review of her first bag project from the book.  Thanks Fiona! Glad you like it.

I've been happy to see that my book was briefly an Amazon #1 Bestseller!   ...ahem.. in the FASHION CRAFT SECTION. 

It's now sitting at #8 in the Fashion Craft Section.  Yes, that small niche section of the Amazon book market is narrowing down the field a tad in my favour.  The book is currently lurking around the lower end of the top 10,000 bestsellers of general books.  Let's be realistic.... but still, the #1 thing looked a bit nice there for a second or two!

Exaggerated self-congratulatory declarations aside, I've been truly touched and heartened by the lovely reviews on Amazon and the emails I've received from people around the world, who have bought and loved the book.  It takes time and effort to give positive feedback to someone you don't know (me), and I truly appreciate it when people go out of their way like this.  The book took more effort to write than most people can imagine (insert several background real-life stories here) and it's good to know that it was worth all the pain.  It's also heartening to know (after all these years of writing and teaching bag-making) that yes, I do know a thing or two about making bags.

The last month has seen me in a lot of classrooms

I've been teaching for private sewing groups, the Colac Quilters, CAE, Crumbz Crafts and my own YOU SEW GIRL gigs at GJ's.   There are more dates coming up at Handmaker's Factory, Patch 'n Quilt in Gisborne and Cotton Factory in Ballarat.


There have been bags and zips and purses and pattern-free garments...
 I've also been teaching in my new job as a Fashion Degree lecturer, and having lots of flashbacks to my own time as a fashion student

It's been a hectic few weeks of adapting to a new schedule: juggling school pick-ups and drop-offs and dinner-cooking and wholesale-business routines, reacquainting myself with my bicycle (the most efficient mode of peak-hour transport) and getting my head around what I need to teach (and how) to fit in with Fashion Degree assessment requirements.  It has been challenging, exhausting, inspiring and rewarding, all in one go. 

In between, as always, I'm squeezing in bits of real life simplicity and relaxation - hanging out with my girleen, harvesting and planting and weeding in the garden, knitting, dyeing yarn (my new thing!) and occasionally catching up with friends.
Below is what happens when blokey mates shrink their favourite jumper in the wash.... Felted, embroidered stubbie-holders made while-you-wait (or while-you-design-stuff-on-AutoCAD).  There are now 2 stubbie holders finished, with more jumper left for a couple more... or beer mats... or something.  I'll have to visit again.

 And I have plans for lots of knitting....

...before too much more time passes.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hot tips for sewing like a professional ...and another giveaway (and a little bit about life and work, too).

I'm over at Sew Mama Sew at the moment, giving a few tips on the things that help create a professional finish in your sewing projects.  I'm also giving away a copy of my new book over there. And best of all, in the comments section, people are sharing their favourite sewing tips, too.  What a bonanza of a blog post it is... get over there NOW!

...and here we have another detail of one of the bags made while writing the book.  This is a version of the Melbourne Weekender, in denim and a hand-printed Pippiejoe fabric.
Meanwhile, behind the scenes of You Sew Girl....
Lately, the weeks seem to be flying past in a blur of workshop preparation and teaching, wound around parenting and house-keeping and general business-running.  I haven't had much time to look up or out. 
The biggest news in these parts is that I've been offered a new job... a real job (my Dad will be happy), and I've decided to take it on.  I'll be teaching in a Fashion College part-time. I can't help feeling like it was some sort of godsend. 
As the dust has been settling after the big move last year, I've been feeling absolutely ready to make more changes in the way that I do things, but not knowing exactly what form those changes might take.  I've been struggling with the fact that I love teaching and want to continue it, but that my product-development mojo appears to have gone walkies... so how do I keep YOU SEW GIRL going into the future?  
The new job offers a new direction that inspires and excites me, and I'll be able to continue my own classes and wholesaling the products that I already have. I might regain pattern-writing mojo or maybe I'll just write the occasional book... who knows?  But for now, I have something challenging and inspiring to sink my teeth into (and it will keep paying the bills!). It feels like the beginning of the next phase.  Exciting times, indeed!
While preparing lesson-plans and resources, I was surprised to see just how many geeky sewing and fashion technology books I own (this collection was just tidied up on the table one day... there's a 2-metre high bookshelf in the corner, with the rest of the collection bulging out). 
I've also been busy prepping for my own workshops and for the gigs booked around the traps with other businesses, guilds and sewing groups. There will one day be more photos of pattern-free clothing to show... I've been making, but not poncing about with the camera. 
On the home-front, we're fighting colds and can't seem to shake them, so have just been working around them.
The girleen has been using her time away from school to brush up her drawings of My Little Pony characters. (As impressed as I am with the likenesses, I'm lamenting the absence of her fantastic imagination in the artwork.... ).
In between bouts of cold, we managed a day out to ACMI, with the wee girl and her friend. 
We went to the DreamWorks exhibition, which was fantastic ... until the last bit (when they were hungry and tired).  The kids were made to wait about 10 minutes for their turn to use the much-anticipated animation software, and were then only given about 5 minutes (with a stress-inducing countdown of time-nearly-up) to get to understand the software and develop an animation.  They left feeling grumpy and frustrated and teary, because they barely had the background drawn when time was up.  It was beginning to look like a disastrous day (with nearly-nine-year-olds and their fragile emotions...).
As a cheer-up measure, we went out for sushi, regrouped and then hit the permanent exhibition at ACMI.  The kid's section there is full of excellent interactive activities, and they had a ball.

And then we hit the playground on a gorgeous Autumn day.... so all ended well.  Phew. 

And in between all of this, I've been knitting (and going to the dentist... which is where this photo was taken).
And so, life whizzes by... 
So before it passes... get over to that book giveaway and share your sewing tips! :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Launched and now on tour... with giveaways!

 What a lovely night we had last night... launching The Better Bag Maker
Fabulous local Craft Book retailers CAN DO BOOKS were there with copies of the book, especially flown-in for the launch.
My 80-something Dad even made the trip in from out of town, along with several sisters and cousins and a niece. I felt a bit special. 

There were superstars of the textile world chewing the fat...

And crafty blogging chicks enjoying a catch-up in the non-virtual world.

All in all, I think that everyone enjoyed a good chat, a glass or two of something (or in my case, three attempts at a glass of something, but actually only about a sip out of each before they were lost somewhere). 

I had lots of 30-second conversations and scribbled jibberish inside book covers.  By the end of the evening, I could barely string a sentence together.... but had a lovely time.  And today, a little 15-minute powernap turned into 3 hours of deep, deep sleep.  I think I was a tad exhausted.

So, now that it's out there, THE BETTER BAG MAKER is having a little tour.  You'll be able to read reviews or profiles or interviews about me and the book (and I'll be guest-posting for Sew Mama Sew), and at each stop on the blog tour, there are opportunities to win a copy of the book.  (The book will be digital copy, except in the USA, where hard copy is able to be posted to the winners).
If you pop over to Blogless Anna's blog right now, you'll see how she fared with her first attempts at making bags (and she deserves a medal for working from an enormous pile of unedited manuscript notes and separate digital files of images).  If you leave a comment on Anna's blog post, you'll be in the running to win a copy of the book. 
From there, you can follow the trail -
 2nd June – Creativebug
9th June – The Littlist Thistle
23rd May - Sew Mama Sew
23rd June – Curly Pops
30th June – Lola Nova
8th July – Ink & Spindle
15th July – Kicki G Just Nu (in Swedish.. but you can translate it online)

Continuing my show-and-tell of the bags that I made while I was developing the designs.... above is the first (button-less) sample of the Galapagos Boho.  I have been intending to put a button on it for over a year now, because I think I'd quite like to use this one.  

Above, is the back detail of the Seoul handbag.  It was the only one where I changed NOTHING from the first to the last sample.  It worked exactly as I wanted it to, first pop. 
This Avignon Traveller is the one that is in the book - with a stunning hand screen-printed panel by Ink and Spindle.  I have the original version of this as my overnight travel bag, but I keep forgetting to photograph it.
This is the original Lahti Flight Bag, in a Heather Bailey print that I'd had in the stash for years. 
The second version of the same bag is the one that I use for a carry-on luggage when I fly.  You can see it in action here at the boarding gate in Portland, Oregon (this time last year).... along with a bunch of other bags, a purse and a kid, all made by me. 

Good luck with the giveaways, and happy bag-making!